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Membership in the Wisconsin Unitarian Universalist State Action Network (WUUSAN) is at no cost (although donations are welcome). Simply fill out the form to the right. By joining us you become a WUUSAN member. As a WUUSAN member you will receive Zoom invitations to WUUSAN monthly meetings. The dates for these meetings are listed below. Every other month there is an “All member” meeting where members share what they and their congregations are doing to advance social justice. In the alternate months there is a “WUUSAN Board” meeting. Also as a member you will receive updates about critical issues and events in Wisconsin. 

All Member meeting dates

 April 27 @ 6 PM   

June 22 @ 6 PM             

Aug 24 @ 6 PM 

Oct 26 @ 6 PM                  

 Dec 28 @ 6 PM 

WUUSAN Board meetings dates

 May 25 @ 2 PM  

July 27 @ 2 PM              

 Sept 28 @ 2 PM           

 Nov 23 @ 2 PM